Chain and ballchain for jewelry making

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Chain link and ball chain for jewelry making

Link and rolo chain can be used as a base for bracelets, necklaces and anklets and lately we have even been using the smallest sizes to make rings. Available in many styles, different metal colors, nickel free and stainless steel.

There are different types of jewelry chain, the smallest sizes have closed links in round or oval shapes. Larger sizes of chain, from 3-4mm usually consist of open links, a bit like jump rings. You don't have to cut them but can easily open and close them with pliers to adjust the length of your chain.

Totally on trend are the larger chunky chain necklaces with large and thicker links, you can finish these off with a toggle clasp or lock charm. With these designs it is also nice to wear the clasp at the front of your necklace and make it part of the design.

As always you will find many examples on our site where we use the different types of chain and video tutorials with (basic) techniques if you are just starting or want to try something completely different.

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