Stainless steel bracelets

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Stainless Steel Bracelets

Shop your stainless steel bracelets at Beads & Basics. We have an extensive collection of ready-made bracelets that you can wear as such or can use as the basis for a charm bracelet. Choose from our collection of stainless steel charms or gemstone charms and attach them with a jumpring or snap on pendant to the bracelet.

We have all the different trend styles of these bracelets available, from thin bracelets for a minimal look to chunkier chunky chain style bracelets. They are suitable for men and women, some of the chains are a bit longer and if you want to shorten them you can always remove a few links. 

The bangles are beautiful to wear on their own but also perfect as a base for more special projects like bead embroidery. With the hasulith jewelry glue you can glue for example leather, suede or (gemstone) cabochons on the bracelets for stylish designs.