Why Beads & Basics?

How nice that you have discovered Beads & Basics!

Maybe you're just starting out with jewelry making and still have to learn everything, no worries! With our examples and videos you'll learn many techniques to make your own jewelry. Or maybe you've been making jewelry for years and have built your own empire? Let me know! I love to see what you make with the Beads & Basics items. Everyone has their own style and unique way of using materials and that's what makes and keeps jewelry making so much fun.

The beginning...

I started when I was 10 years old. Making jewelry with my mother and sister and selling on markets and (then) Queen's Day. During a vacation in Bali I bought my first beads in a wholesale store and back home I sold them in no time on the marketplace.
Beads & Basics was born.

That was in 2012 - already 10 years ago. I'm still so happy when a box with a new collection arrives and I can spend hours trying to master a new technique. Making jewelry never gets boring!

Nowadays we work with a super nice team from our office in Utrecht and we work hard and with a lot of fun to make sure every day the orders are posted and to keep inspiring with new collections and jewelry.

Why we do what we do :)

The great thing about our work is that every day we make people happy with what we do. We may not be revolutionary do-gooders but we certainly make the world a little nicer, or rather our customers. Not only by wearing the beautiful jewelry you can make with our items - but especially by making them themselves. So many times we received messages from people who thought they were 'not creative at all' and now make the most beautiful creations for themselves and friends and family. 

Or how nice it is not to have to think about anything and to have a moment for yourself. Mothers who make jewelry with their daughters and enjoy all the extra quality time. And of course the many messages from creative makers who build a successful jewelry business. There are so many reasons why people enjoy jewelry making, and that is what we in turn enjoy :)
Whatever your reason, if we can help you with something or if you have a question mail to [email protected]
or share your creations on instagram with #beadsandbasics, we love to see it!

Have fun looking, shopping and creating!

Sweet greetings 

Monique Bouwkamp