Fluorite Gemstone Beads and Charms

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Fluorite is called this way, because it glows under ultraviolet light. What's special is that it balances all chakras, because there are many different colors / types of fluorite.

Healing properties and meaning of fluorite

Like many gemstones, fluorite has multiple types. The general effect is that fluorite is good for the eyes, nose, ears and throat. You can imagine fluorite as a "mental vacuum cleaner" that clears confusion and other negativity.

Below we have named some specific effects of different types of fluorite.

Blue fluorite: has a calming effect. Good for the nose, throat, tear ducts and inner ear.

Purple fluorite: seems to be good for communication and learning new things. Positive for the bones and bone marrow.

Rainbow fluorite: promotes focused thinking, especially during difficult situations. Provides protection against diseases and helps to maintain health.

Green fluorite: removes negative energy from a room. In addition, it is good for the stomach, intestines and intestines. Which is useful during colitis, nausea and a sore throat.

How to use fluorite

In addition to our charms, connectors and beads with which you can make beautiful jewellery, there are other uses. You can always carry the stone in your pocket. It is thought that you can then 'use' the beautiful properties of fluorite at any time.

How to care for my fluorite

Fluorite can be cared for in various ways, but not with water! Stones with a lower hardness of 4 cannot withstand water anyway. Fluorite can be cleaned with sage incense, for example, and charged in moonlight.

Where does fluorite come from?

Germany, Argentina, Myanmar, England, China, France, Namibia, Austria, Switzerland and the United States (Illinois).


The name of fluorite has to do with a characteristic; under ultraviolet light, the colors of fluorite glow. This is called fluorescence. And no, they (unfortunately) do not glow in the dark. So, the glowing effect really requires ultraviolet light.

The Ancient Greeks and Romans made beautiful bowls and dishes in all kinds of colors from fluorite. The gemstone was very popular, they absolutely loved it. So much that people faked it, to meet demand.

Which horoscope fits fluorite

The zodiac sings Capricorn and Pisces go well with the different types of Fluorite.
Furthermore, Aquarius fits blue fluorite and yellow fluorite fits Leo.

Of course any stone can be good for you. Sense it and see which one(s) you like.

Which chakra fits fluorite

All (!) chakras fit with Fluorite. However, one type of fluorite fits better with a certain chakra than the other. For example, green fluorite is positive for cleaning and healing the heart chakra and blue fluorite suits the throat chakra.

The color and shape of fluorite

Because Fluorite exists in many colors, it can be confused with many gemstones. There are fluorite types in the colors blue (and blue john), purple, green, yellow, colorless, rainbow, black and pink.

Fluorite has the following growth patterns/shapes: cubic, regular octahedral (8 sides) and dodecahedral (12 sides).

Chemical composition: CaF2 (calcium fluoride)
Mohs hardness: 4
Density: 3.00-3.25