Sodalite Gemstone Beads and Charms

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Sodalite is a beautiful blue stone named after the high sodium content it contains. It is said to help come up with new ideas and boost your self-confidence.

Healing properties and meaning of sodalite

Sodalite is said to help you come up with new ideas and thus could help boost your creativity. In addition, it is said to help you look at yourself positively. So it seems to promote self-confidence and help you stand up for yourself.

How to use sodalite

In addition to our charms, connectors and beads you can make beautiful jewelry with, there are other uses. You can always carry the stone in your pocket. It is thought that you can then 'use' the beautiful properties of sodalite at any time.

How to take care for sodalite

Sodalite can be cared for in a variety of ways. For example, you can cleanse it in water and charge it in moonlight or sunlight. You can also clean it with incense.

Where does sodalite come from?

Sodalite is found in Brazil, Greenland, India, Canada, Namibia and Russia.


The name sodalite originated because of the high sodium content in it. The stone originates from sodium-rich rock.

Sodalite was discovered by Europeans at the end of the 19th century in Canada.

The Princess of Wales loved sodalite. She received it as a gift when she visited New York. She had her home in London decorated with beautiful ornaments made of sodalite. The gift came from a mine in Canada. In 1901, the name of the mine was changed to Princess Sodalite Mine. In 1906, the princess even had 130 tons (!) of sodalite transported so that her entire house was filled with sodalite. Sodalite is therefore also referred to as Princess Blue.

Which horoscope fits amazonite

Sodalite fits the horoscopes of Sagittarius
Of course any stone can be good for you, try to sense it and see which one(s) you like.

Which chakra belongs to sodalite

Sodalite fits the third chakra (solar plexus).

The color of sodalite

The blue color comes from the high content of sodium, which is also where the name comes from. White streaks are formed by calcite. 
In 1991 a pink sodalite was found, Hackmanite. The color fades due to sunlight. This variety is much rarer than the blue sodalite.

Chemical composition: Na₈[CI,OH)₂IAl₆Si₆O₂₄ (Chloric Sodium Aluminum Silicone)
Mohs hardness: 5.5-6
Density: 2.14-2.40