Turquoise Gemstone Beads and Charms

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At beads & basics we love turquoise! The beautiful light blue color stands out immediately. Turquoise is said to be good for getting rid of negative energy and with expressing your emotions. 

Healing properties and meaning of turquoise

Turquoise is said to provide responsibility. It is said to help stop negative behavior and take care of your own happiness. It seems to help with expressing your own feelings and (re)discovering yourself. It would give strength but also inner peace. It would also help with public speaking.

How to use turquoise

Besides our charms, connectors and beads with which you can make beautiful jewelry, there are other uses of turquoise. You can always carry the stone in your pocket. It is thought that you can then 'use' the beautiful properties of turquoise at any time. You can also put the stone in a nice place in your home.

How to take care for turquoise

Turquoise can be taken care of in different ways. For example, you can charge it in moonlight. Note: it better not to clean turquoise with water, if you do it too often it can damage the stone. Too much sunlight can fade the color.

Where does turquoise come from

Turquoise is mined in North America, China, Mexico, Russia and Iran.


The name Turquoise comes from the Latin 'Turcois'. This means 'from Turkey'. During crusades from Persia through the Middle East, the stone was discovered by Westerners in Turkey.t.

Which horoscope fits turquoise

Turquoise fits Aquarius and Virgo.
Of course any stone can be good for you, try to sense it and see which one(s) you like.

Which chakra fits turquoise

Turquoise fits the throat chakra. It is said to help you speak the truth and be honest with yourself.

The color of turquoise

Turquoise is created by pressure and low temperature, which forms a rock over a long period of time. The blue color comes from copper. The more copper, the bluer the stone. If there is zinc in the rock, then the turquoise will be greener. Also, the color becomes greener under the influence of high temperature (250 degrees Celsius).

Chemical composition: CuAl6(PO4)4(OH)8-4H2 O (copper)
Mohs hardness: 5-6
Density: 2.31-2.84