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Tiger's Eye

Tiger's Eye is a beautiful brown stone named after the powerful tiger because of the stripes and shine they have in their eyes. It is said to provide perseverance, self-confidence and increased focus.

Healing properties and meaning of tiger's eye

Tiger's eye is a beautiful brown stone that is said to provide more self-confidence. This stone is also recommended when you could use a little more perseverance. It is also said to help you make decisions. In addition, it is said to make you studious and improve your focus while reading and studying.

How to use tiger's eye

In addition to our charms, connectors and beads you can make beautiful jewelry with, there are other uses. You can always carry the stone in your pocket. It is thought that you can then 'use' the beautiful properties of amazonite at any time.

How to take care of Tiger's eye

Tiger's eye can be cared for in various ways. For example, you can cleanse it in water and charge it in moonlight.

Where does tiger's eye come from?

The main deposits of tiger's eye are South Africa Myanmar, India, Namibia and the united states.


In several cultures, people carried tiger eye to protect themselves from evil.
Tiger's eye resembles the eye of the tiger and is named after it. In parts of Asia where tigers live, people thought that tiger's eye would give them the same power as the powerful animal.

In Egypt many statues were made, and in many of those statues the eyes were made from tiger's eye. Tiger's eye was seen as an all-seeing and all-knowing stone and was associated with the sun god Ra.

Which birth month and horoscope matches tiger's eye

Each month has a birthstone to match. If you were born in November, tiger's eye could give you extra strength. Tiger's eye fits the horoscopes of Capricorn, Gemini and Leo.
Of course any stone can be good for you, try to sense it and see which one(s) you like.

Which chakra fits to tiger eye

Tiger's eye fits the third chakra (solar plexus).

The color of tiger eye

Tiger's eye is formed from the hawk's eye stone. It contains the mineral crocidolite, which is a type of asbestos. The mineral breaks down and the iron contained in the stone oxidizes to a brown color as a result. Because the asbestos breaks down you can wear it without problems, this is no longer in the tiger's eye.

Chemical composition: Sio2 silicon dioxide
Mohs hardness: 6.5-7
Density: 2.58-2.64