Agate Gemstone Beads

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Agate comes in several beautiful varieties and colors. Agate is said to have a calming effect and seems to promote (self) love and trust.

Healing properties and meaning of agate

Agate would generally have a calming effect and is said to promote self-love and trust. Below you can read for a number of different types of agate what its operation could be.

Crazy agate: would provide courage, (self) confidence and would help overcome anxiety.

Green moss agate: is said to be calming. It is said to be good for a positive mindset and promoting calmness.

Blue lace agate: is said to promote communication. In addition, it seems to promote calmness and emotional stability.

Dendritic agate (also called white opal agate): is said to promote self-love and harmony.

Botswana agate: is said to be calming and protective.

How to use agate

In addition to our charms, connectors and beads with which you can make beautiful jewelry, there are other uses. You can always carry the stone in your pocket. It is thought that you can then 'use' the beautiful properties of agate at any time.

How to care for my agate

You can take care for agate in different ways. For example, you can cleanse it in water and recharge it in moonlight. 

Where does agate come from?

The largest deposit of different types of agate used to be in Germany, in the town of Idar-Oberstein (just across the border from Luxembourg). In that area it was easy to work gemstones, partly because there were many sandstones. These were used for polishing gemstones. There was also enough water power available so that the mill could work.

Currently, there is no more agate to mine in the Idar-Oberstein area, but they are still worked there. Many agate stones are sent here from other deposits to be worked into ornaments. There are museums and mines you can visit. Maybe a nice idea for your next vacation ;)

Today, agate is mined mainly from Brazil and Uruguay. They are also mined from Australia, China and India, Madagascar, Mexico, Mongolia, Namibia and the United States.


Agate is named after the Achates River in Sicily, Italy (today Dirillo River). Agate was already found here around the year 300 BC.

The first writings in the Idar-Oberstein area that mention agate processing come from 1548. However, it is known that agate, jasper and quartz were already being mined a hundred years before that, but these may have been processed elsewhere.

By the ancient Romans, ingredients for salves were ground on moss agate because they thought it would improve your mood and the sight of your eyes.

In parts of early Persia and Asia, agate stones were used to combat fever.

Which horoscope fits agate

Below you can read which horoscope fits different types of agate.

Crazy agate: Gemini, Capricorn, Aquarius
Green moss agate: Taurus
Blue lace agate: Pisces
Dendritic agate: Gemini

Of course any stone can be good for you, sense it and see which one(s) you like.

Which chakra fits agate

Below you can read which chakra belongs to different types of agate.

Crazy agate: heart (4th)
Green moss agate: heart (4th)
Blue lace agate: throat (5th)
Dendritic agate: crown (7th)
Botswana agate: root (1st), heart (4th)

The color of agate

Agate comes in many colors and types, this is also reflected in our range.
The place where the agate forms affects the colors. Different types of mineral contained in the rock cause different colors in agate.

In our assortment there are also druzy agates. Sometimes a hole forms in the center of an agate stone. Through natural processes, crystals such as amethyst or smoky quartz can start to form in this hole. These are druzy agates (this can also occur with other gemstones). 

Chemical composition: Sio2 (silicon dioxide)
Mohs hardness: 6.5-7
Density: 2.6-2.64