Charms and connectors

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Charms and Connectors for jewelry making

Charms and connectors (which are charms with 2 eyes) to use in your jewelry. Use a jumpring to further incorporate the charms into your jewelry. Attach a charm to an earring hook and you'll have a fun set of earrings made in minutes, especially with the extensive collection of colored charms we offer. A charm bracelet is also possible or a simple necklace of ball chain or (stainless steel) chain with a nice charm.

Besides many 'normal' silver and gold charms, we also have many special 3D charms, funny charms like a rubber duck or yellow cow, luxury charms charms with rhinestones and zirconia, chakra and gemstone charms and many more.
Lots of charms have been used in our own jewelry examples so you can get a good idea how they will look in real life.