Making bracelets

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Bracelet with Facet and Miyuki Beads
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This beautiful bracelet looks chic on your arm. Just learn the pattern and it will be ready to brighten up your outfit in no time....
Miyuki Beads with Whale Charm Set
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In this nice set you can vary incredibly in both the pattern shape and colors. Super fun to let your own ideas run free, but with some background info...

How to make your own bracelets

Making your own bracelets becomes easy and fun with the step by step (video) tutorials from Beads & Basics. Be inspired by all the different bracelet making projets and start designing your own jewelry!

If you are just starting out just watch some of the video's were we show you the basic techniques of making your own bracelets and once you get the hang of it we have new projects and ideas for you every week. The materials you need for each project are easy to find with the related products option but you can always use your own imagination and combine all the beads and findings we offer to fit your style and create your own unique bracelets.

Have fun and enjoy!