Jewelry with Miyuki Beads

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Scooby-doo Bracelet with Miyuki Beads
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This cheerful set will brighten up your outfit immediately. And you can go all the way with the colors. Not difficult at all to make when you have lea...
Hoop Earrings with Miyuki Beads
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Incl. Video Tutorial...

Want to make your own jewelry with Miyuki beads? 

View our many inspiration examples and shop all the materials you need to get started. The possibilities with miyuki beads are endless. Because these beads are all the exact same size, they are perfect for use in stringing patterns and techniques such as weaving, brickstitch, peyote and bead embroidery. Check out our many jewelry examples made with miyuki seed beads, miyuki delicas and miyuki tila beads, choose your favorite design and get started yourself.